Brain-Child Learning

We are an education group based in Kuala Lumpur with more than 30 centres in Malaysia. Learning should not be rigid but fun, exciting and stimulating. We emphasise on mental development and building a strong foundation for children using unconventional learning method.

In line with our expansion, we are looking for suitable candidates for the following position.

Trainer / Teacher / Instructor
(10 Positions)

(Kuala Lumpur)

This is a challenging yet interesting position as you will be trained under our Instructor Training Programme (ITP) to coach children and to have fun with them.

  • Any qualification (SPM leavers welcomed)
  • Must be passionate in teaching or coaching children
  • Outgoing personality and confident in public speaking
  • Computer literate (basic Microsoft Office programmes)
  • Fluent in English (knowledge in Mandarin is an advantage)
  • Must possess own transport and willing to travel when needed
  • Potential of earning up to RM3000 inclusive of incentives and bonus

* Experience is not necessary as training will be given
** Just come with an open mind to learn and grow together with us

If you posses positive attitude and want to learn from the best, then please contact with your resume attached for the attention of Mr. Teo or call 016-2199 829.

Fun learning & fun working begins here…

4 Mojor Types Of Fingerprints


  • Likes to ask "why", very curious, especially when one is younger.
  • Must be "satisfied with reason", only when one agrees and believes then he/she will perform the task, otherwise he/she will just do a slip-shod work.
  • Goal-oriented ans considered as"stubborn" sometimes (don't go "head-on" with them).
  • Ego-centric, discover on your own, understand and comprehend on your own.
  • Tends to "create their own system".


  • Usually quite obedient and feels for others.
  • Greatest strength is to learn by copying or imitating.
  • Easily affected by the environment (parent are advised to monitor the child's circle of friends, especially after 9 years old).
  • Strong ability to adapt to the environment, gets along with others well, very co-operation, sociable, good relationship with others.
  • Tends to "follow the system".


  • The "opposition party" or "reversed thinker".
  • Thinking model is unconventional (many successful people have radial loop because they spot opportunities that others don't !!)
  • Uses one's interest as guidance when it comes to work (tasks) rather than logical or practical reason.
  • Very loyal to friends (especially between 9 and 16 years old)
  • Way of expressing oneself is more unique, hence offend others easily when speaking.
  • Hard to express the love in one's heart, will not express what's inside directly.


  • Known as the "Genius Print", they posses unlimited potential, high capacity to be moulded / groomed (especially before 16).
  • In terms of learning, if one is taught, one will learn and know, if one is not taught, one will not be bothered to learn it.
  • Emotions are easily affected and keeps to oneself.
  • More conservative, dislike changes and very self-protective of oneself.

What is Dermatoglyphics (fingerprints) ?

The study of Dermatoglyphics can be traced back to almost 200 years of research. This study has been proven with evidence in anthropology, genetics, medicine and statistics to decode human’s innate (inborn characteristic).

>> How it helps you?

1. Discover your innate capacity ...
2. Aid in self-regulation of acquired ability
3. Provide alternatives for acquirement and interest
4. Offer choices for career selection and cultivate second job pursuit

>> How it helps the parent?

1. Respect the individual discrepancy among children
2. Adopt appropriate teaching method
3. Achieve equilibrium in education according to children strengths and weaknesses ahead of time
4. Find out the great talent within children to avert neglect of their inherent potential

Enriching the lives of chilldren globally

At BCL, we believe:

* Every child is unique
* Every child is talented
* Every child is capable to excel

BCL helps children to unleash their potential and talent with proven scientific methodology.

The unique skills a child acquired at BCL will further inspire them to perform tasks, be it academic, sport or art, with greater self confidence.

Your child deserves the best from you. Let them be a part of this revolutionary brain development programme and set them on lifelong learning skills.

About Us

The Brain-Child Learning (BCL) programme is the 21st century mind development method designed to unleash a child’s potential and hidden talent.

Our vision is to enrich the lives of children globally and continue to be an innovator of lifelong learning skills.

BCL was introduced to the international market in the year 2003 mainly in Asia. Besides Japan, BCL workshop has made its presence in Singapore, Malaysia and United Kingdom conducted in ‘summer school’ or ‘holiday camp’ method.

Many children have benefited from this extraordinary programme and excelled in various disciplines such as academic, sports, arts and general self-improvement.

The syllabus of BCL is designed on the fundamentals of mental stimulation, motivation and creative thinking. In order to achieve optimum result, BCL is best conducted in intensive workshop method instead of structured coursework which may take months to complete.

BCL has also formed strategic alliance with myDNA, a specialised firm in dermatoglyphics (fingerprint) technology in decoding human’s innate temperament (a person born of behaviour), including innate learning styles and advantages and disadvantages of the person’s brain.

This alliance will allow BCL to identify the in-born talent of a child (through myDNA’s technology) effectively and subsequently, to unleash the child’s inborn talent (through BCL’s technology).

BCL will continue to foster relationship with scientific bodies which are recognised internationally. The practice of endless searching for better technology has been embedded in its corporate culture since its inception and this will position BCL as an innovator in mind development in this region.